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Large Heirloom Wood Bowl  WB-295
Large Heirloom Wood Bowl WB-295

Medium Heirloom Wood Bowl  WB-295
Medium Heirloom Wood Bowl WB-295

Walking Cane S-3132
Walking Cane S-3132

Beeswax Thread Conditioner Charm  BW-288
Beeswax Thread Conditioner Charm BW-288

Carved Bone Handled Brush   S-3192
Carved Bone Handled Brush S-3192

Townsend's Wooden Bowl Finish  BF-292
Townsend’s Wooden Bowl Finish BF-292


New Products

Heirloom Wooden Bowls

These hardwood bowls are part of our Heirloom line of quality products — items, that with proper use and care, can be passed down to future generations. Made in the U.S. by the same craftsman who makes our 7” Round Wooden Bowl (WB-898 ), these bowls come unfinished. The larger measures approximately 14” to 15” in diameter and stands about 4-1/2” high. The medium-size bowl is about 11” to 12” in diameter and stands about 3-1/2”. Treating these bowls with a little mineral oil or with Townsend’s Wooden Bowl Finish will really bring out the beauty of the wood grain and will help protect the wood.
WB-295 (Large, 14 to 15” dia.)…..$96.00
WB-294 (Medium, 11 to 12’ dia.)…..$42.00

Townsend’s Wooden Bowl Finish

This natural beeswax finish is perfect for finishing wooden bowls, utensils, and butcher blocks. Made right here in our shop. Approximately 8 oz., and comes in a lidded Tin box.

Walking Cane

Perfect for the dapper gentleman, this walking stick is approximately 34” long and comes with a tasteful solid brass ball handle and collar, as well as an inconspicuous removeable black rubber ferrule tip. The hardwood shaft is jointed for convenient storage. Imported.

Beeswax Thread Conditioner Charm

Strengthen your sewing thread by running it over this natural beeswax plug. Perfect for your sewing kit or for hanging from your chatelaine by its silk-ribbon loop.

Carved Bone Handled Brush

In addition to our plain Bone Handled Brush (JT-971), we now have a limited supply of these nicely Carved Bone Handled Brushes. 6-1/2” long. Perfect for all sorts of fine scrubbing. Only while supplies last!

Video Productions

Bread was commonly referred to in the 18th Century as “The Staff of Life.” Along with Porridge and Ale, it was considered a dietary pillar of society. Bread played such an important role in history, that we’ve decided to spend some time examining breads in the 18th Century as part of our second season series of Cooking with Jas. Townsend & Son.
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Mixed Grain Breads Episode

Mixed Grain breads, also known in early years as “horse bread,” were used to feed the masses when wheat supplies were short. In this video, we prepare a mixed grain bread using wheat, barley, and rye.


Over a period of about 50 years during the mid 1700s, Great Britain’s population increased by around 70%, creating an exceptionally high demand for wheat flour. Wheat was a very common crop grown in the Mid-Atlantic American Colonies. Wheat Flour was used as payment in exchange for imported goods. The high demand for wheat bread in Europe created an important trade link between England and the young American Colonies. Since much of the colonial wheat was exported, many colonists chose to use corn in their diets instead, something most Britains considered unfit for human consumption. In this episode, we demonstrate how to make both authentic 18th Century unleavened cornbread as well as johnny cakes.


While some period recipes call for barm, or fresh ale yeast, others call for leaven, or “old dough.” In this episode we give some historical context to leaven, and show you how to make it and preserve it for later use.

Bread from Leaven

This video is a follow-up to the previous episode on Leaven. We’ll show you how to take a dried piece of leaven that has been preserved in salt, and revive the yeast in it for making a batch of delicious sourdough bread. We’ll also demonstrate how to bake bread in a Dutch Oven, a common baking method in the 18th Century.

Everted Copper Saucepan

We have also produced a short video describing our new Everted Copper Saucepan.

Additional News at Jas Townsend & Son


We’re thrilled to announce that Jas Townsend & Son’s Youtube Channel, YouTube.com/jastownsendandson, has been selected by YouTube to be part of the YouTube “EDU” program. The program is a channel of informative and instructional videos made available to schools and educational institutions around the globe. We are very excited and honored by YouTube’s decision.

Sifting The Past Blog

Jon has done a great job of finding and posting on his blog, siftingthepast.com, images of paintings and illustrations from the 1600s to the early 1800s. The object of this blog is to provide a glimpse or snapshot into different aspects of life in the period, e.g., clothing, food, customs, etc. His use of keywords makes it highly searchable. Be sure to subscribe to receive email notification of and convenient links to new posts.


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