Mid April 2012 Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Round Iron Trivet  RT-277
Round Iron Trivet RT-277

Laid Writing Paper  Wp-85
Laid Writing Paper Wp-85

2 Quart Brass Trade Kettle C-4500
2 Quart Brass Trade Kettle C-4500

Riveted Copper Kettle C-4515
Riveted Copper Kettle C-4515

Long Trade Knife  KN-171
Long Trade Knife KN-171

Vertical Striped Stockings  SP-767
Vertical Striped Stockings SP-767


Catalog # 32

Our newest catalog is in the mail! We’re very excited about this year’s catalog: over 50 new products and a larger format with larger pictures! If you have placed an order from us within the past two to three years, there is a catalog with your name on it making its way to you. Depending on your location, it may take a week or two for it to arrive. So keep your eyes open for your copy.

New Products

We have a host of new products rolling out right now: An Early Top Hat, new stocking styles, an Early 19th Century Tailcoat, Sturdy Iron Padlocks, a 1740’s Frock Coat that will knock your socks off, two new Sleeved Bodices for the ladies, Ember Tongs, Writing Paper without a watermark, accurate Brass Trade Kettles, a slew of the highest quality copperware, items for the hearth , items for the camp fire, a reproduction folding grill that copies George Washington’s personal grill that now resides in the Smithsonian collection (a favorite here at Jas.), our potter sure has been busy, bakery equipment, a sharp new knife made by our cutler here in the States, and MORE! All of these items are being introduced to the website bit by bit. watch the New Products page for the latest additions!

New Videos

We’ve added three new videos to our YouTube channel since our last newsletter:

Make and Use an Earthen Oven in 24 Hours

We’ve had so many questions from viewers in response to our first video on Building an Earthen Oven, that we decided to produce a second video showing how to build an oven in the quickest, simplest fashion with only $20.00 worth of materials. We wanted to see for ourselves if one could build and use an earthen oven within a 24-hour time period. We were extremely pleased with the results!

Making Stinging Nettle Soup

Here’s an authentic recipe for a surprisingly delicious and extremely nutritious meal. Some historical texts mention people living off nettles when other foods could not be found. Nettle recipes made their way into many period cookbooks. There were many medicinal purposes for nettles, and given what we know today about vitamins and nutrition, stinging nettles qualify as a superfood.

A Simple Biscuit

Recipes for simple biscuits abound in period cookbooks. We would compare them today to something that is a cross between a cookie and a cracker. Sweetened with sugar and seasoned with caraway, they are a delightful accompaniment to tea.

Sifting The Past Blog

This week is “wheelbarrow week” on Jon’s Sifting The Past period art blog. He is posting a new picture featuring a wheelbarrow every day this week.

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