February 2012 Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

The Backcountry Housewife   BK-421
The Backcountry Housewife BK-421

Feeding the Frontier Army Cookbook BK-447
Feeding the Frontier Army Cookbook BK-447

Build Your Own Earth Oven  BK-576
Build Your Own Earth Oven BK-576

Redware Lidded Cooking Pot  P-4172
Redware Lidded Cooking Pot P-4172


More Videos!

Since our last newsletter, we’ve produced four more videos for your enjoyment, listed below. You’ll find the first two on our upcoming 18th Century Cooking Series, Volume One, DVD. We’ll let you know as soon as that DVD is available.

- “A Pound of Meat” Video

This episode of our 18th Century Cooking Series, Volume 1, complements the previous video “Privations of an 18th Century Soldier.” We take a closer look at a number of historical references to catch a glimpse of what conditions were like for an 18th century soldier. What was a soldier to do with his ration of a pound of meat if supplies and utensils were lacking? The video also examines the importance of salt, not only as a preservative but also as a strategy of war.

- “Baked Beans” Video

Beans were a common fare in the 18th century. In this instalment of our 18th Century Cooking Series, Volume 1, we present two recipes for baked beans using two methods of cooking: an earthen oven and an iron kettle buried in a pit.

- “Three Years of YouTube Videos” Video

This video is a departure from our 18th Century Cooking Series. We hope you enjoy this production which takes a light-hearted poke at some of the more memorable videos we’ve produced over the last three years. Feel free to laugh or cringe. It’s nothing we haven’t already done. We figure it’s good to make fun of ourselves every now and again.

- “Cookbook Recommendations” Video

A number of friends have asked us to write a cookbook to accompany our 18th Century Cooking Video Series. We felt it would be better to point people toward some excellent resources that already exist. While we use several cookbooks in our research, in this video we give you our shortlist of recommendations.

New Products

We’re excited about the number of new products we plan to offer in our upcoming catalog (available later this spring). Here are just a few. There are many more ahead!

Lidded Cooking Pot

Our Master Potter, Gary Nieter, has worked from period artwork as well as original examples to develop this beautiful redware Lidded Cooking Pot. Great for beans. Holds about 1-1/2 quarts. 6” in diameter and about 6-1/2” high. Food-safe, lead-free glaze.
P-4172……… $52.00

New book: “Build Your Own Earth Oven”

In response to our Earthen Oven video, several people have asked us for written plans for building an earthen oven. Earthen ovens are easily documented for the 18th Century. Interestingly, they seem to be making a resurgence in some modern culinary circles. Building an earthen oven is remarkably simple. There are really only a handful of things you must know. Here is an excellent resource written by Kiko Denzer. This book presents all the basics, in addition to offering a number of modern adaptations. 7” x 10” Paperback. 130 pages.

Bustling About

Things are really hopping around here as we anticipate the commencement of our second series of 18th Century Cooking Videos. We’re very excited about a new location for some of these videos. Keep your eye out for it! We’re also anticipating several new products this year. In addition, Kevin is busy redesigning our catalog. We trust you will be pleased with the results. We’ll keep you posted as progress is made.Our seamstresses are busy as well, HOWEVER, we expect their schedules will begin to get crazier as warm weather approaches. While we always work very hard to keep turnaround time for custom clothing orders to a minimum, if you know you’re going to need clothing this spring, now may be a good time to order before the rush hits.

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