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as. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Wire Fork  WF-159
Wire Fork WF-159

Stand-up Bullet Bag  BB-185
Stand-up Bullet Bag BB-185

Slotted Iron Ladle  U-1405
Slotted Iron Ladle U-1405

Jim’s New Red Pants CD  M-3601
Jim’s New Red Pants CD M-3601

More Luck to Us CD  M-3602
More Luck to Us CD M-3602

SnowBound CD  M-3603
SnowBound CD M-3603


New Video: How to Make Your Own Salt Pork

Our fourth installment in our 18th Century Cooking video series demonstrates just how easy it is to make your own authentic 18th-century style salt pork. Salt Pork was very common in military, navy, and homestead settings. And you’ll understand why it was so popular after trying it in your own recipes. Be sure to check this video out as it lays the foundation for other videos to come.

It’s still not too late to order for Christmas

We have a large number of items in stock. Call right away while supplies last. And if you don’t know sizes, or not sure what to buy that hard-to-buy-for family member or friend, don’t forget about Gift Certificates!

Crazy Hat Sale: $120.00!

Our top-of-the-line Fur-Felt Hats are all on sale. Up to 40% off the regular price. For a complete list of hats, click here. Sale lasts through January 13, 2012. We suggest you call right away with your order. Talk to Beth, Cyndi, or Lauren at 800-338-1665.

Even More New Products

And there are even more exciting new products around the corner!

New! Music!

The air was as crisp as a freshly picked apple. The glowing leaves of the ash trees blazed against the deep blue sky. The promise of food drifted aloft on the smoke of nearby campfires as the blacksmith’s anvil rang like a dinnerbell. And like the Piper’s call, sweet music from years gone by enchanted the heart of every child young and old. Yep. That’s how we met Hillary and Rick Wagner at Mississinewa 1812. We liked their music so much, we asked if we could use it in our videos and sell their CDs on our website. So here it is. Their music is a delightful mix of violin, hardanger, mandolin, Dadgan guitar, viola, bouzouki, hammered dulcimer, tin whistle, badhran, djembe, kora, harmonica, flute, piano, and even a little bagpipe here and there (they drip with talented like a maple tree in spring). There are three CDs that are each nearly as charming as the Wagner’s themselves, sold separately or as a set.
M-3601 Jim’s New Red Pants ….. $10.00
M-3602 More Luck to Us ….. $15.00
M-3603 Snowbound (Original and Traditional Christmas Music) ….. $15.00
M-3605 All Three Wagner CDs ….. $35.00

New! Slotted Iron Ladle

Handmade perforated ladle, perfect for straining. Handy hook for hanging. 21 inches long.
U-1405….. $17.00

New! Stand-Up Bullet Bag

Customers asked us for this one. Made of genuine leather, this bag stands about 4 inches tall and is about 3 inches in diameter. The round bottom allows it to stand upright. These bags are handy for holding and storing any number of things. Styles may vary.
BB-185….. $5.00

New! Wire Fork

Here’s an honest no-nonsense fork worthy of any enlisted man’s ration. Based on original examples, approximately 7-1/2 inches long. Handmade by a blacksmith right here in Indiana. Use it as a dinner fork, or insert a stick through the loop and use it as a roasting fork.
WF-159 ….. $5.00

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