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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK  H-2445
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK H-2445

Rotisserie Set  RS-258
Rotisserie Set RS-258

19th-Century Double-Breasted Sailor's Jacket  SJ-159
19th-Century Double-Breasted Sailor’s Jacket SJ-159

Washing Stick WS-889
Washing Stick WS-889

Dutch Oven Lid Lifter  U-1408
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter U-1408

Cedar Bannock Board BB-272
Cedar Bannock Board BB-272


18th Century Cooking Video Series

There’s been tremendous excitement over our new Cooking Video Series. We have covered so far the rations of an 18th century enlisted soldier, cooking pumpkins in a soldierly fashion, and now with our latest release, making ash cakes. Future episodes will cover such topics as: Building an Earthen Oven, Making Mushroom Ketchup, Pies, Gingerbread, A Soup, a Stew, and a Hash, Baking Bread in an Earthen Oven, Making Your Own Authentic Salt Pork, Beans, and who knows what else! We plan to compile these videos onto a dvd in the near future.Be sure to subscribe our Youtube channel where we have over 100 informational and entertaining videos.

Extended Customer Service Hours

To be of better service to you, our Customer Service Department will be open for business between now and December 17th, on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to Noon, (Eastern Time). We plan to be open Friday and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon, November 25th and 26th.

Crazy Hat Sale: $120.00!

Our top-of-the-line Fur-Felt Hats are all on sale. Up to 40% off the regular price. For a complete list of hats, click here. Sale lasts through January 13, 2012. We suggest you call right away with your order. Talk to Beth, Cyndi, or Lauren at 800-338-1665.

New Products

Boy, oh boy, do we have a bunch of new products for you! So many that we can’t put them all here. Click here for a complete list of most recently added products.

New! 19th Century Double-Breasted Sailor’s Jacket

Here by customer request! This is a really sharp looking jacket. Unlined, with pewter buttons and stylish slash cuff. Made of navy blue wool blend. Available in even sizes 38 to 50 chest. 52 max. stomach. This item is made to order and may take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
SJ-159 …… $150.00

New! Washing Stick

With a little soap and some elbow grease, you can now keep your stinkiest clothing spring-time fresh! This corrugated washboard is based on original examples. It’s made right here in Indiana from the finest Tulip Poplar, so it will hold up well to repeated washings. 20” long by 5-1/5” wide. Handmade soap and wash basin sold separately.
WS-889 …… $36.00

New! Rotisserie Set

This hand-forged iron Rotisserie Set turns your Townsend Heavy-Duty Fire Set (sold separately) into a convenient Rotisserie. The brackets clamp on to any fire set pole up to 1/2 inch thick. A sturdy thumb screw makes height adjustment very easy. Set includes one 42 inches x 3/8 inch spit, two spit forks, and two brackets Made in USA. Fire Set sold separately.
( Extra pair of forks are also available if you want to put two birds on one stick RF-261 … $12.00) AAAaaaaaarrrrgggggg - yes, the Christmas flyer has the wrong price for this item - yes they are only $42 per set.
RS-258 …… $42.00

New! Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

If you have ever cooked with a Dutch oven, you know how precarious it can be lifting an ember-cover lid with a stick or a fire poker. Hook this 3-point lifter on your lid handle, and the two feet will firmly hold your lid level and keep it from dumping embers into your food. Dutch oven cooking is quickly becoming one of our favorite methods.
U-1408 …… $17.00

New! Bannock Board

Bannock Boards were originally used to bake an oatmeal bread by the radiant heat of an open fire, but they can also be used to cook other foods such as firecakes, fish, and meat in a similar fashion. Hand-split on one side from Cedar. Approximately 18” long. The widths of these boards vary, with a minimum width of 6”. Also comes with a sharpened prop stick, so the board is ready to go. Be sure to watch our newest video, 18th Century Cooking: Ash Cakes, to see a Bannock Board in use.
BB-272 (1 Board, 1 Prop Stick)……$7.50

It’s still not too late to order for Christmas

We have a large number of items in stock. Call right away while supplies last. And if you don’t know sizes, or not sure what to buy that hard-to-buy-for family member or friend, don’t forget about Gift Certificates!

Looking for Holiday Table Decorations?

We have pewter pieces, teas and tea pots, candle pans, candles, and lanterns just to name a few ideas.

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