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Girls’ Complete Costume Set  CGG-64
Girls’ Complete Costume Set CGG-64

Boys' Costume Hunting Shirt  CHS-27
Boys’ Costume Hunting Shirt CHS-27

Boys' Costume Revolutionary War Coat  CRC-52
Boys’ Costume Revolutionary War Coat CRC-52

Crimson Bond DVD   DVD-32
Crimson Bond DVD DVD-32

All 3 DVD Bundle DVD-10
All 3 DVD Bundle DVD-10

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Crimson Bond, the Final Episode

The entire movie, Crimson Bond, is now available on our Youtube channel, presented in seventeen episodes. Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFx2hRqeMyw&list=PL5338B70371AC837E&feature=plpp for the playlist that will play the entire movie.

Crimson Bond is a 70-minute motion picture produced by Jas Townsend & Son. It is an endearing story about two friends, Jon and Josh (played by Jas. Townsend & Son’s very own Jon Townsend and Joshua King), who unwittingly serve in the Continental Army in the Ohio wilderness under the command of a tyrannical commander. Jon is begrudgingly bound to Josh by a childhood promise to keep Josh safe from the trouble that seems to hound him at every turn. The tension between this promise and self preservation finally reaches a breaking point as the two find themselves falling deeper into danger.

Crimson Bond is a fictional tale, not a documentary. Its theme of friendship, loyalty, and redemption, combined with a bit of light-hearted humour in the midst of darker circumstances, is intended to entertain the entire family.

We hope you enjoy watching this production as much as we enjoyed making it. Crimson Bond is available from our website on DVD in its entirety without interruption.


We’ve been overrun by ZOMBIES!!!

Be sure to tune in next week for a special edition video from Jas. Townsend & Son! You won’t want to miss it!

Halloween Costumes

We have a great supply of the girls’ colonial costumes in stock and a nice supply of the Boys’ Revolutionary War Coats and Boys’ Hunting Shirts…just in time for your little colonial reenactor’s book report, Halloween costume, or family Thanksgiving celebration! Call right away while the supplies last!

Extended Customer Service Hours

Starting October 22, and running through December 17, our Customer Service Department will be open for business on Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. to Noon, (Eastern Time).

Order Early!

Our seamstresses are crazy busy right now. If you want clothing for Christmas, order early! While we keep many items in stock, custom clothing orders should be placed no later than November 15 for Christmas Delivery.

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