January 2011 Ladies Shoe Sale

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One Week Sale - Ladies' Colonial Shoes - Low Heel   LS-920
One Week Sale - Ladies’ Colonial Shoes - Low Heel LS-920


Ladies Shoe Sale

OK, I am resisting making a crazy video for this shoe sale (Ooops too late) - anyway, I was wandering through the warehouse the other day and Sonia sheepishly suggested we might want to have a sale on ladies shoes because she accidentally ordered a few more than we needed. I walked over to the shelf that holds these shoes - I looked up to top of the huge pile of shoes and passed out. When they managed to revive me with smelling salts and by smacking my cheeks (quite liberally I might add), I found myself under the opinion that our wonderful customers might think a sale on ladies shoes, a good and helpful thing…. So here is the deal, Ladies shoe sale - $88.00/pair, buckles not included, while supplies last, sale ends January 31 2011 at 9am Eastern Standard Time.

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