May 13th 2009 Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Bone Handle Brush   JT-971
Bone Handle Brush JT-971

Toaster   TR-799
Toaster TR-799

Ladies' Short Cape  SC-145
Ladies’ Short Cape SC-145

Girls’ Complete Costume Set  CGG-64
Girls’ Complete Costume Set CGG-64

Boys' Costume Trousers unhemmed CPA-25
Boys’ Costume Trousers unhemmed CPA-25

Boys' Costume Civilian Coat  CMC-50
Boys’ Costume Civilian Coat CMC-50

Boys' Costume Hunting Shirt  CHS-27
Boys’ Costume Hunting Shirt CHS-27

Boys' Costume Revolutionary War Coat  CRC-52
Boys’ Costume Revolutionary War Coat CRC-52

Catalog #29
Catalog #29


New Catalog #29

Yes! The new catalog #29 is FINALLY in the mail. You should be seeing yours soon. We have altered the format so that we are able to send more catalogs out and still save money, enabling us to bring you more products while keeping our prices down.

Many New Products

We have just finished putting all the new products on the website. Of special interest to many customers, we now offer new costume clothes for boys and girls and there is a new Ladies’ Short Cape.

New Videos Available

We have a new video available for the Bone Handled Brush and I can’t stop laughing at our new toaster video.
Another new video feature we have added to the website is a page devoted to just the instructional videos all gathered together.

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