*Need to Know Something Really Fast? The Phone is Better than Email!*

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Question: How many emails do the customer service personnel at Jas Townsend & Son receive EACH DAY?

1.    Beth and Cyndi are still sitting at their desks playing Solitaire,
eagerly awaiting the first one.
2.    25; 15 of which promote a well-known pharmaceutical product, four
are from the family of an exiled Nigerian government official,
three include the incredible news that Mars will soon be as big in
the sky as the moon (and you should pass this news along), two are
written in what appears to be Chinese characters, and one is from
a person asking if Thomas Jefferson ever wore red.
3.    100; that makes two emails for each of our 50 customer service
4.     Between 300 and 400 emails EACH DAY.

Answer: D. Jas Townsend & Son receives between 300 and 400 emails a day. These emails are processed and prioritized as quickly as possible, but it remains to be a big job for Beth and Cyndi in between phone calls.

That’s why it’s really important that you call us if you have an urgent inquiry. Have a tight deadline? We can’t guarantee anything with this article, but you really should call us to see what can be done. Need to change your order before it’s shipped? It’s best to call.

While email is very convenient, due to the amount we receive each and every day, it’s not always the safest bet for an immediate response if you really must know something in a hurry.  800-338-1665. Of course, if you’re not in a big hurry, please feel free to go to our web site and email us. We’ll respond as quickly as we can.

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