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April 1st, 2009  Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Brewer's Pitch   BP-293
Brewer’s Pitch BP-293

Tin Whistle   TW-394
Tin Whistle TW-394


Two New Youtube Videos

We have two new videos available. Josh is in trouble yet again in a new Tin Whistle video. Also we have a very informative video on putting a new pitch lining in a canteen available on our Youtube Page or you can see it on the Pitch page on our website.


Some people might thing we only sell to reenactors. We do serve a thriving reenacting community and not just those who live here in the US. We have shipped orders to Malta, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Canada, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and back again. We’ve yet to figure out why someone in Japan would reenact the Boston Tea Party but we have overnighted tricorns to Japan. The orders shipped to APO/AE addresses are a testimony that we serve our men and women in the armed forces too.We also have other kinds of customers. Many of you have written or called to ask if a particular item in a specific movie or television episode was a “Jas.” product. You’ll find our “stuff” in everything from the movie “Enchanted” to “John Adams” and in a number of television shows over the years. One of our costumes was stiffened and painted to look like a town square statue in an episode of “Ed” a few years back. We often get requests for Mel Gibson’s hatchet from “The Patriot” or Johnny Depp’s leather tricorn in “The Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. While we didn’t do the leather tricorn, we have sold items to both of these movies as well as others like “The Mask of Zorro”, “The Alamo”, “Master and Commander”….. I could go on and on. Usually our products are just used in the background. Sometimes we know when our products are going to a movie and sometimes we don’t. Often by the time the props and costume people on a set get through with our things they are hardly recognizable even to us.

We serve costume and prop departments from the Shakespeare Theatre in DC to the Seattle Children’s Theatre in Washington state and many college and university theater arts departments in between. US Ambassadors to foreign countries who are called upon to appear in period dress sometimes come calling, too. Our customer service representatives, Cyndi and Beth, like the mystery of never knowing when the phone rings whether they will be talking to the White House Visitor’s Center, the Boys Scouts, The Smithsonian, or the Metropolitan Opera. They are still flipping coins to decide which of them should learn to speak French to better serve some of our neighbors to the north. You all have kept them busy enough that they don’t seem to have time to learn.

I would not want to leave out the large number of historic sites all around the country that order, places like Fort Western Maine, Jamestown Yorktown Foundation, Colonial Williamsburg, Old Fort Niagra, Henry Ford Museum, Fort Michilimackinac, St. Augustine, Audubon SHS LA, Valley Forge, Stony Point Battlefield, and of course Mount Vernon. If I listed them all I would probably break the server.

All told, We really enjoy serving our customers. You are amazing bunch.

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