Who would GW (George Washington) vote for?

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In all my years of working for, or running Jas. Townsend and Son I have never thought it worthy to tell my customers about anything related to politics. But apparently the time has come. When you spend a lot or even a little time studying the late 18th century in America you find political truths that seem to be forgotten. While none of our founding fathers was faultless or perfect, they did seem to have so really smart things to say about what a good government should be like. The vast majority of today’s politicians have completely abandoned these truths, But there is one man who still thinks that these old ideas still have merit. I encourage everyone to read up on Ron Paul. The only candidate that says “Hey, let’s look at the constitution and see what that says”. Be informed about your choice for president. Please check out www.ronpaul2008.com

Jonathan Townsend

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