Christmas 2011 Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Folding Chair for Camp  S-4050
Folding Chair for Camp S-4050

Folding Camp Table  S-4060
Folding Camp Table S-4060

Collapsible Camp Bench  S-4055
Collapsible Camp Bench S-4055


Christmas Wishes

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you the happiest of holidays as well as a prosperous New Year. Our hope is that the joy of this season and all the wonderful memories of love, friendship, and family will shine through the glare of flashing lights and be heard over the noise of the hawkers’ cries. Merry Christmas from all the folks here at Jas. Townsend & Son.

A Christmas Treat

In the latest episode of our 18th Century Cooking video series, we have a special guest, little Ivy Townsend, demonstrate how to make Gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread was extremely popular in the 18th century. It was sold on the streets like funnel cakes and elephant ears are sold at the county fair. It was also believed to have special medicinal properties. And some texts suggest that gingerbread bakers were the elite among their peers–there were bakers, and then there were gingerbread bakers.

Upcoming episodes include a delicious period recipe using salted fish (Dec. 26), baking faux passenger pigeon pies in the earthen oven and Dutch oven (Jan 2), a popular 18th century sweat bread called Wiggs (Jan 9), and more. Bon appetit!

Demo Videos

We’ve also posted three short videos demonstrating how easy it is to set up our new Collapsible Camp Bench , the Folding Camp Chair , and Folding Camp Table.

Last-Minute Shopping

It never hurts to ask! Give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide a quote for expedited shipping. Call us before 3:00pm (Eastern), and if we have the item you’re wanting in stock, we’ll get it out the same day. And there are always Gift Certificates for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life.

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Mid December Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

18th Century Reproduction Glasses   GL-791
18th Century Reproduction Glasses GL-791

1740-1800 Reproduction Glasses Frames  GL-784
1740-1800 Reproduction Glasses Frames GL-784

Collapsible Camp Bench  S-4055
Collapsible Camp Bench S-4055


New Video!

Last week in our 18th Century Cooking Video Series, we showed how to building an earthen oven . Earthen ovens are easily documented in journals and archaeological evidence from the 18th century. Their use dates back thousands of years. In today’s video installment, we demonstrate how easy it is to use an earthen oven even without the aid of thermostats and thermometers. We’ll bake a batch of bread. BYOB (Bring your own butter)!

Still Time to Make Presents of the Past!

We have many in-stock items from which to choose. And if you can’t decide or are a little uncertain about what that hard-to-buy-for person would like or need, may we suggest a Gift Certificate! If you’re ordering custom items, please call us right away with your measurements. We’ll be happy to check our stock and sewing schedules to see if we can meet your Christmas delivery deadline.

They’re Back!

Just in time for Christmas! We’re thrilled that we can finally announce that our 1740-1800 glasses are back in stock! These spectacles are very accurate in their construction. We have extended the temples, however, so that they may be easily worn with the temples over the ears. They are constructed to last and amazingly priced. Please be advised that the extra length makes them slightly too long to fit in our existing glasses case.

Another New Product! Will the madness ever end?

Collapsible Camp Bench

Our carpenter showed up recently with a prototype of this handy collapsible camp bench. It emulates the mortise-and-tendon benches seen in George Neumann’s book, Early American Antique Country Furnishings. The beauty of this bench is that the legs can be removed and nested in the seat. The entire thing lies flat and fits into a convenient canvas carrying bag (which is included with the bench). No more sitting in the dirt or on one of those bee-hind-pinchin’ folding chairs. Handmade here in Indiana. Very sturdy. Not intended, however, to be used as a step stool (just don’t do that!) The seat measures a whopping 18” x 8-1/2”, and stands 14” tall.


Early December 2011 Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

2 quart Pot iron Lid  LD-733
2 quart Pot iron Lid LD-733

5 Quart Pot Lid   LD-736
5 Quart Pot Lid LD-736

Dutch Oven Trivet  - TR-618
Dutch Oven Trivet - TR-618

Spider Skillet  - FP-266
Spider Skillet - FP-266

Feeding the Frontier Army Cookbook BK-447
Feeding the Frontier Army Cookbook BK-447

Fork/Spoon Combination U-1413
Fork/Spoon Combination U-1413


Three New Videos!

Many people have asked if we plan to release our 18th Century Cooking Videos on DVD. The answer is yes. We’ll keep you posted as that develops. In the meantime, enjoy these three new videos we’ve released since our last newsletter. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to receive immediate notifications of future releases. And while you’re there, be sure to watch our many other instructional, informative, and entertaining videos.

“A Soup, a Stew, and a Hash”

Last week, we released our 18th Century Cooking video: A Soup, a Stew, and a Hash. These were the standard fare for soldiers of the time, and to quote First Sergeant John Luecke of Fort Snelling, “often the only difference between the three was the amount of water used.” In the video, we show how to use the salt pork we made in the previous episode.

“Privations of an 18th Century Soldier”

When we saw that the weather forecast included up to 8” of snow, we couldn’t resist the idea of producing a video on what conditions were often like for the 18th Century Soldier. In this video, we lift a Thanksgiving Day recipe from the pages of J.P. Martin’s journal and spruce it up with another rather unexpected ingredient documented numerous times elsewhere. It is a departure from our normal theme.

“Earthen Ovens, Part 1: How to Build It”

Wood-fired earthen ovens are easily documented all the way back (and likely even before) the ancient Romans. Likewise, they are easily documented in archaeological evidence and first-hand accounts from the 18th Century. We show you how easy it is to build one. We’ve been amazed with how well earthen ovens work, so much so that some of us here at Jas. built one at home. This episode deals strictly with the oven’s construction. In next week’s video, we will show you how to bake bread in an earthen oven. We will also use the oven in future videos, comparing results with those that can be achieved by baking in a cast iron Dutch oven. Stay tuned!

Still Time to Make Presents of the Past!

We have many in-stock items from which to choose. And if you can’t decide or are a little uncertain about what that hard-to-buy-for person would like or need, may we suggest a Gift Certificate! If you’re ordering custom items, please call us right away with your measurements. We’ll be happy to check our stock and sewing schedules to see if we can meet your Christmas delivery deadline.

New Products!

Hand-Hammered Iron Spider

Based on examples in George Neumann’s book, Early American Antique Country Furnishings. This spider is a hefty 12” in diameter. The pan is hand-hammered and already seasoned, unlike other unseasoned spun-metal versions you may have seen. Perfect for the hearth or for the campfire. Handmade by a local Indiana blacksmith.

Dutch Oven Trivet

Dutch ovens are one of our favorite pieces of cooking equipment. They are amazingly versatile as you can fry, braise, boil, stew, and even bake in them. If you’re tempted to bake in a Dutch oven, this little trivet is a perfect addition to your kitchen wares. Set it inside your Dutch oven, and it raises your baking dish a half inch off the oven floor. This will promotes good air circulation which creates convection heat, and will keep your food from being scorched on the bottom. Handmade by our local blacksmith.

Kettle Lids

We have recognised for a while that we need good lids for our iron Kettles. We recently ran across period examples of hammered iron lids, so we had our local blacksmith reproduce them. They are very nicely made, hammered to a graceful dome. Specifically made to fit our 2-Quart and 5-Quart Cast Iron Pots.
The smaller version measures 5-3/8” in diameter, while the larger version measures 8-3/4”

Fork/Spoon Combo

While the combination fork and spoon can be documented in ancient Roman times, we have yet to find documentation for them for the 18th century. But they still sure are handy. The fork and spoon are hand-forged by the local blacksmith in an 18th Century manner, only they’re connected in the middle. Just over 10” long.

Feeding the Frontier Army, 1775 - 1865

People ask if we still sell books, and the answer is yes. We offer on our website a good number of excellent relevant titles on a variety of subjects , including several cookbooks relating to 18th Century food. We were excited when we heard that Feeding the Frontier Army, 1775 - 1865, was back in print, and we feel it merits special attention. We refer to this well-documented resource often.

A Quick and Sentimental Note

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Gold Plated Pocket Watch   PW-750
Gold Plated Pocket Watch PW-750

Nickel Plated Pocket Watch   PW-751
Nickel Plated Pocket Watch PW-751


Just a Quick & Sentimental Note

To our friends living outside the U.S., bear with us as we tend to get a bit mushy this time of year. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for us to express our sincere gratitude for all of you, regardless of where you live, who have expressed to us your encouragement and who have purchased from us over the past year. We try very hard to make your lives just a little easier with prompt, friendly service and quality products. We look forward to serving you even better as we continue to listen to you and deliver what you want in a timely fashion. Thank you for the trust you place in us. Thank you for your business.

Holiday Hours

It’s good to spend time with family. We’ll be closed tomorrow (Thursday) to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Our Customer Service folks, however, will be back this Friday and Saturday mornings, 8:00 a.m. to noon (Eastern Time) to take your calls. So don’t hesitate to give us a ring at (574) 594-5852, or (800) 338-1665.

SALE! POCKET WATCHES — Over 15% Off, this Weekend ONLY!

These are great gifts for men and women alike. We diligently researched pocket watches and worked directly with the manufacturer to come up with an open-faced, or “Lepine”-style, watch that looks authentic and is economically priced. The face design accurately copies original examples (you’ll notice the older Roman numeral “IIII” instead of the more modern “IV”), and the hands replicate the original “Beetle and Poker” style typical of the 18th century. We have a gold plated plain-bezel version that measures 1-13/16” (45mm) in diameter, and a slightly smaller nickel-plated engraved-bezel version (that’s popular with the ladies) that measures 1-9/16” (40mm) in diameter. A curb-style chain is included with each watch, as does a nice round tin box. These watches are unapologetically battery-operated and they have clear-plastic crystals. (which is why they are so economically priced). They are modern watches with a great, authentic 18th century look. This sale lasts until 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Time), Monday, November 28, 2011 (or while supplies last), so order early!
PW-750 Gold-Plated Watch…….Normally $29.50…….Sale Price: $21.50
PW-751 Nickel-Plated Watch…….Normally $29.50…….Sale Price: $21.50

Jas Townsend Thanksgiving Newsletter

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as. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Wire Fork  WF-159
Wire Fork WF-159

Stand-up Bullet Bag  BB-185
Stand-up Bullet Bag BB-185

Slotted Iron Ladle  U-1405
Slotted Iron Ladle U-1405

Jim’s New Red Pants CD  M-3601
Jim’s New Red Pants CD M-3601

More Luck to Us CD  M-3602
More Luck to Us CD M-3602

SnowBound CD  M-3603
SnowBound CD M-3603


New Video: How to Make Your Own Salt Pork

Our fourth installment in our 18th Century Cooking video series demonstrates just how easy it is to make your own authentic 18th-century style salt pork. Salt Pork was very common in military, navy, and homestead settings. And you’ll understand why it was so popular after trying it in your own recipes. Be sure to check this video out as it lays the foundation for other videos to come.

It’s still not too late to order for Christmas

We have a large number of items in stock. Call right away while supplies last. And if you don’t know sizes, or not sure what to buy that hard-to-buy-for family member or friend, don’t forget about Gift Certificates!

Crazy Hat Sale: $120.00!

Our top-of-the-line Fur-Felt Hats are all on sale. Up to 40% off the regular price. For a complete list of hats, click here. Sale lasts through January 13, 2012. We suggest you call right away with your order. Talk to Beth, Cyndi, or Lauren at 800-338-1665.

Even More New Products

And there are even more exciting new products around the corner!

New! Music!

The air was as crisp as a freshly picked apple. The glowing leaves of the ash trees blazed against the deep blue sky. The promise of food drifted aloft on the smoke of nearby campfires as the blacksmith’s anvil rang like a dinnerbell. And like the Piper’s call, sweet music from years gone by enchanted the heart of every child young and old. Yep. That’s how we met Hillary and Rick Wagner at Mississinewa 1812. We liked their music so much, we asked if we could use it in our videos and sell their CDs on our website. So here it is. Their music is a delightful mix of violin, hardanger, mandolin, Dadgan guitar, viola, bouzouki, hammered dulcimer, tin whistle, badhran, djembe, kora, harmonica, flute, piano, and even a little bagpipe here and there (they drip with talented like a maple tree in spring). There are three CDs that are each nearly as charming as the Wagner’s themselves, sold separately or as a set.
M-3601 Jim’s New Red Pants ….. $10.00
M-3602 More Luck to Us ….. $15.00
M-3603 Snowbound (Original and Traditional Christmas Music) ….. $15.00
M-3605 All Three Wagner CDs ….. $35.00

New! Slotted Iron Ladle

Handmade perforated ladle, perfect for straining. Handy hook for hanging. 21 inches long.
U-1405….. $17.00

New! Stand-Up Bullet Bag

Customers asked us for this one. Made of genuine leather, this bag stands about 4 inches tall and is about 3 inches in diameter. The round bottom allows it to stand upright. These bags are handy for holding and storing any number of things. Styles may vary.
BB-185….. $5.00

New! Wire Fork

Here’s an honest no-nonsense fork worthy of any enlisted man’s ration. Based on original examples, approximately 7-1/2 inches long. Handmade by a blacksmith right here in Indiana. Use it as a dinner fork, or insert a stick through the loop and use it as a roasting fork.
WF-159 ….. $5.00

Mid November Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK  H-2445
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK H-2445

Rotisserie Set  RS-258
Rotisserie Set RS-258

19th-Century Double-Breasted Sailor's Jacket  SJ-159
19th-Century Double-Breasted Sailor’s Jacket SJ-159

Washing Stick WS-889
Washing Stick WS-889

Dutch Oven Lid Lifter  U-1408
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter U-1408

Cedar Bannock Board BB-272
Cedar Bannock Board BB-272


18th Century Cooking Video Series

There’s been tremendous excitement over our new Cooking Video Series. We have covered so far the rations of an 18th century enlisted soldier, cooking pumpkins in a soldierly fashion, and now with our latest release, making ash cakes. Future episodes will cover such topics as: Building an Earthen Oven, Making Mushroom Ketchup, Pies, Gingerbread, A Soup, a Stew, and a Hash, Baking Bread in an Earthen Oven, Making Your Own Authentic Salt Pork, Beans, and who knows what else! We plan to compile these videos onto a dvd in the near future.Be sure to subscribe our Youtube channel where we have over 100 informational and entertaining videos.

Extended Customer Service Hours

To be of better service to you, our Customer Service Department will be open for business between now and December 17th, on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to Noon, (Eastern Time). We plan to be open Friday and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon, November 25th and 26th.

Crazy Hat Sale: $120.00!

Our top-of-the-line Fur-Felt Hats are all on sale. Up to 40% off the regular price. For a complete list of hats, click here. Sale lasts through January 13, 2012. We suggest you call right away with your order. Talk to Beth, Cyndi, or Lauren at 800-338-1665.

New Products

Boy, oh boy, do we have a bunch of new products for you! So many that we can’t put them all here. Click here for a complete list of most recently added products.

New! 19th Century Double-Breasted Sailor’s Jacket

Here by customer request! This is a really sharp looking jacket. Unlined, with pewter buttons and stylish slash cuff. Made of navy blue wool blend. Available in even sizes 38 to 50 chest. 52 max. stomach. This item is made to order and may take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
SJ-159 …… $150.00

New! Washing Stick

With a little soap and some elbow grease, you can now keep your stinkiest clothing spring-time fresh! This corrugated washboard is based on original examples. It’s made right here in Indiana from the finest Tulip Poplar, so it will hold up well to repeated washings. 20” long by 5-1/5” wide. Handmade soap and wash basin sold separately.
WS-889 …… $36.00

New! Rotisserie Set

This hand-forged iron Rotisserie Set turns your Townsend Heavy-Duty Fire Set (sold separately) into a convenient Rotisserie. The brackets clamp on to any fire set pole up to 1/2 inch thick. A sturdy thumb screw makes height adjustment very easy. Set includes one 42 inches x 3/8 inch spit, two spit forks, and two brackets Made in USA. Fire Set sold separately.
( Extra pair of forks are also available if you want to put two birds on one stick RF-261 … $12.00) AAAaaaaaarrrrgggggg - yes, the Christmas flyer has the wrong price for this item - yes they are only $42 per set.
RS-258 …… $42.00

New! Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

If you have ever cooked with a Dutch oven, you know how precarious it can be lifting an ember-cover lid with a stick or a fire poker. Hook this 3-point lifter on your lid handle, and the two feet will firmly hold your lid level and keep it from dumping embers into your food. Dutch oven cooking is quickly becoming one of our favorite methods.
U-1408 …… $17.00

New! Bannock Board

Bannock Boards were originally used to bake an oatmeal bread by the radiant heat of an open fire, but they can also be used to cook other foods such as firecakes, fish, and meat in a similar fashion. Hand-split on one side from Cedar. Approximately 18” long. The widths of these boards vary, with a minimum width of 6”. Also comes with a sharpened prop stick, so the board is ready to go. Be sure to watch our newest video, 18th Century Cooking: Ash Cakes, to see a Bannock Board in use.
BB-272 (1 Board, 1 Prop Stick)……$7.50

It’s still not too late to order for Christmas

We have a large number of items in stock. Call right away while supplies last. And if you don’t know sizes, or not sure what to buy that hard-to-buy-for family member or friend, don’t forget about Gift Certificates!

Looking for Holiday Table Decorations?

We have pewter pieces, teas and tea pots, candle pans, candles, and lanterns just to name a few ideas.