Mid November Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK  H-2445
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK H-2445

Rotisserie Set  RS-258
Rotisserie Set RS-258

19th-Century Double-Breasted Sailor's Jacket  SJ-159
19th-Century Double-Breasted Sailor’s Jacket SJ-159

Washing Stick WS-889
Washing Stick WS-889

Dutch Oven Lid Lifter  U-1408
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter U-1408

Cedar Bannock Board BB-272
Cedar Bannock Board BB-272


18th Century Cooking Video Series

There’s been tremendous excitement over our new Cooking Video Series. We have covered so far the rations of an 18th century enlisted soldier, cooking pumpkins in a soldierly fashion, and now with our latest release, making ash cakes. Future episodes will cover such topics as: Building an Earthen Oven, Making Mushroom Ketchup, Pies, Gingerbread, A Soup, a Stew, and a Hash, Baking Bread in an Earthen Oven, Making Your Own Authentic Salt Pork, Beans, and who knows what else! We plan to compile these videos onto a dvd in the near future.Be sure to subscribe our Youtube channel where we have over 100 informational and entertaining videos.

Extended Customer Service Hours

To be of better service to you, our Customer Service Department will be open for business between now and December 17th, on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to Noon, (Eastern Time). We plan to be open Friday and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon, November 25th and 26th.

Crazy Hat Sale: $120.00!

Our top-of-the-line Fur-Felt Hats are all on sale. Up to 40% off the regular price. For a complete list of hats, click here. Sale lasts through January 13, 2012. We suggest you call right away with your order. Talk to Beth, Cyndi, or Lauren at 800-338-1665.

New Products

Boy, oh boy, do we have a bunch of new products for you! So many that we can’t put them all here. Click here for a complete list of most recently added products.

New! 19th Century Double-Breasted Sailor’s Jacket

Here by customer request! This is a really sharp looking jacket. Unlined, with pewter buttons and stylish slash cuff. Made of navy blue wool blend. Available in even sizes 38 to 50 chest. 52 max. stomach. This item is made to order and may take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
SJ-159 …… $150.00

New! Washing Stick

With a little soap and some elbow grease, you can now keep your stinkiest clothing spring-time fresh! This corrugated washboard is based on original examples. It’s made right here in Indiana from the finest Tulip Poplar, so it will hold up well to repeated washings. 20” long by 5-1/5” wide. Handmade soap and wash basin sold separately.
WS-889 …… $36.00

New! Rotisserie Set

This hand-forged iron Rotisserie Set turns your Townsend Heavy-Duty Fire Set (sold separately) into a convenient Rotisserie. The brackets clamp on to any fire set pole up to 1/2 inch thick. A sturdy thumb screw makes height adjustment very easy. Set includes one 42 inches x 3/8 inch spit, two spit forks, and two brackets Made in USA. Fire Set sold separately.
( Extra pair of forks are also available if you want to put two birds on one stick RF-261 … $12.00) AAAaaaaaarrrrgggggg - yes, the Christmas flyer has the wrong price for this item - yes they are only $42 per set.
RS-258 …… $42.00

New! Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

If you have ever cooked with a Dutch oven, you know how precarious it can be lifting an ember-cover lid with a stick or a fire poker. Hook this 3-point lifter on your lid handle, and the two feet will firmly hold your lid level and keep it from dumping embers into your food. Dutch oven cooking is quickly becoming one of our favorite methods.
U-1408 …… $17.00

New! Bannock Board

Bannock Boards were originally used to bake an oatmeal bread by the radiant heat of an open fire, but they can also be used to cook other foods such as firecakes, fish, and meat in a similar fashion. Hand-split on one side from Cedar. Approximately 18” long. The widths of these boards vary, with a minimum width of 6”. Also comes with a sharpened prop stick, so the board is ready to go. Be sure to watch our newest video, 18th Century Cooking: Ash Cakes, to see a Bannock Board in use.
BB-272 (1 Board, 1 Prop Stick)……$7.50

It’s still not too late to order for Christmas

We have a large number of items in stock. Call right away while supplies last. And if you don’t know sizes, or not sure what to buy that hard-to-buy-for family member or friend, don’t forget about Gift Certificates!

Looking for Holiday Table Decorations?

We have pewter pieces, teas and tea pots, candle pans, candles, and lanterns just to name a few ideas.


November 2011 Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Ladies' Silk Fichu  SF-374
Ladies’ Silk Fichu SF-374

Men's Silk Cravat  SC-372
Men’s Silk Cravat SC-372

Men's Silk Cravat Black  SC-369
Men’s Silk Cravat Black SC-369

Crimson Bond DVD   DVD-32
Crimson Bond DVD DVD-32

Drinking Dipper - Tin   TD-836
Drinking Dipper - Tin TD-836

Nutmeg Grater  NG-292
Nutmeg Grater NG-292


Christmas Flyer

Be sure to keep an eye on your mail box. Jas. Townsend & Son’s Christmas Flyer is on its way. There are a number of great new products coming out. Beat the Black-Friday Blues! Save gas and avoid blisters on your feet and the crush of the shopping maul. If you’re planning to place an order for custom clothing for Christmas, do so before November 15th. We also carry a wide selection of in-stock generic-sized items for last-minute shoppers.

New Product: Tin Drinking Dipper

Thirsty? Here’s a sturdy handmade tin drinking dipper. 13” long and holds approximately 12 oz. Handy wire bail for hanging.

New Product: Nutmeg Grater

Spice up your toddy with this handmade perforated tin Nutmeg Grater. Made here in the USA, solid hardwood back. 5-1/2” long.

Extended Customer Service Hours

Our Customer Service Department will be open for business on Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. to Noon, (Eastern Time) through Saturday, December 17.

18th Century Cooking Video Series

We’ve launched our new 18th-Century Cooking video series! Episodes will cover such topics as: Building an Earthen Oven, Making Mushroom Ketchup, Pies, Gingerbread, A Soup, a Stew, and a Hash, Baking Bread in an Earthen Oven, Cooking Pompions (Pumpkins), Making Your Own Authentic Salt Pork, and don’t forget Firecakes.
The opening episode, now available for viewing, covers the daily rations for which a typical enlisted soldier of the 18th Century would have hoped. Stay tuned for additional episodes to be released weekly.

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel where we have over 100 informational and entertaining videos.

Be the First to Hear the News!

Did you know you can receive updates from our Facebook page directly to your mobile phone or homepage? Don’t miss another sale or information on new products. It’s easy to sign up. Just go to our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jas-Townsend-Son-Inc/111229368921420?ref=ts . If you haven’t subscribed to our page, do so by clicking the “Like” button. To receive updates on your mobile phone, scroll down and click the link in the left-hand column “Get updates via SMS”. To receive updates to your homepage, e.g., iGoogle, Yahoo, click “Get updates via RSS”.

Long-Lost Video

While searching through our files last week, we ran across this little beauty we put together while shooting Crimson Bond–a video on silk scarves. Enjoy!

Did you see the Zombie video?

Be sure to check it out! And warn all your friends and loved ones! And just in case you love the “Death by Zombie” song, It is now available on iTunes…


Late October Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Soldier's Knife   KN-158
Soldier’s Knife KN-158

18th C Trade Knife-Square Handled  KN-166
18th C Trade Knife-Square Handled KN-166

Folding Pocket Knife   KN-169
Folding Pocket Knife KN-169

Girls’ Complete Costume Set  CGG-64
Girls’ Complete Costume Set CGG-64

Boys' Costume Revolutionary War Coat  CRC-52
Boys’ Costume Revolutionary War Coat CRC-52

Crimson Bond DVD   DVD-32
Crimson Bond DVD DVD-32



has given a task to Josh, but unfortunately for Josh, he has to go down
to the bowels of the building to complete it. He’s been down there
before. He knows something dreadful resides there, but his desire to
please overrules his fears (and his common sense). Those fears are
justified. Will this be the end of Josh?

Warn your friends
and loved ones! Jas. Townsend & Son has been overrun by Zombies! Be
sure to watch the video, “Death by Zombies.” It’s a 15-minute short film
produced by Jas on the latest misadventures of Josh. Don’t miss this
back-room view of what really happens here at Jas. See the video on our
homepage or HERE.
I would recommend trying it out full screen with your speakers turned
up - there is a lot of detail and you don’t want to miss it.

Music from the Video

you like the music in the video, the “Death By Zombie” theme song will
be available shortly on itunes and Amazon, stay tuned for more
information. In addition, in the near future, we will be carrying on
our website Hillary and Rick Wagner’s CD “More Luck to Us” which has
music also featured in this video.

Halloween Costumes

It’s not too late, but you have to hurry! We have a great supply of the girls’ colonial costumes in stock and a nice supply of the Boys’ Revolutionary War Coats and Boys’ Hunting Shirts…just
in time for your little colonial reenactor’s book report, Halloween
costume, or family Thanksgiving celebration! Call right away while the
supplies last!

Christmas Flyer

Be sure to keep an eye
on your mail box. Jas. Townsend & Son’s Christmas Flyer is on its
way. There are a number of great new products coming out. If you’re
planning to place an order for custom clothing for Christmas, do so
before November 15th. We also carry a wide selection of in-stock items
for last-minute shoppers.

Extended Customer Service Hours

October 22, and running through December 17, our Customer Service
Department will be open for business on Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. to Noon,
(Eastern Time).

Crimson Bond

“I love these videos!” and “I can’t wait for the sequel!” are just a couple of the warm responses we’ve received from viewers and customers. All 17 episodes of Crimson Bond are now available online for your viewing pleasure.

Bond is a story about redemption and friendship. As a young boy, Jon is
pressured to take an oath that he will watch over his cousin, Josh, and
keep him from harm. This obligation eventually becomes more than he can
bear as tension between duty and self-preservation reaches a breaking

The entire 70-minute movie is also available without interruption on DVD.

18th Century Cooking Video Series

Aaron, and Kevin have been busy producing a new video series on 18th
Century Cooking. So far, the episodes cover such topics as: The Daily
Rations of a Typical Enlisted Man; Building an Earthen Oven; Making
Mushroom Ketchup; Gingerbread; A Soup, a Stew, and a Hash; Baking Bread
in an Earthen Oven; Cooking Pompions (Pumpkins); Making Your Own
Authentic Salt Pork; and Firecakes. Stay tuned for imminent release of
the first Episode! In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel where we have over 100 informational and entertaining videos.

Be the First to Hear the News!

you know you can receive updates from our Facebook page directly to
your mobile phone or homepage? Don’t miss another sale or information on
new products. It’s easy to sign up. Just go to our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jas-Townsend-Son-Inc/111229368921420?ref=ts . If
you haven’t subscribed to our page, do so by clicking the “Like”
button. To receive updates on your mobile phone, scroll down and click
the link in the left-hand column “Get updates via SMS”. To receive
updates to your homepage, e.g., iGoogle, Yahoo, click “Get updates via


January 11th Web Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Box Compass   S-3078
Box Compass S-3078

Special 2-1/2 inch DD Buckle   S-3084
Special 2-1/2 inch DD Buckle S-3084

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK  H-2445
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK H-2445

Large Rectangular Brass Buckle   S-3150
Large Rectangular Brass Buckle S-3150

Small Brass Telescope  BT-770
Small Brass Telescope BT-770

Naval Sword  S-3140
Naval Sword S-3140


Crimson Bond Movie News

In case you have not heard some of us here at Jas spent a good portion of last year working on a feature length film project. We are not done with it, but we have produced an introduction video and a trailer for the movie. Please check it out.

Introduction to Crimson Bond movie

Crimson Bond Trailer

Fresh Goodies

Fresh shipment of goodies which we have been out of for a while have arrived. Lots of cool buckles, telescopes and compasses.

Wood Box Compass

This compass can help you find your way if you are lost… Very Limited Supply.

Naval Sword

Aarrrg, matey.. Everyone needs a sword!

Small Brass Telescope

Wonderful little spyglass, not the best optics ever, but it will look great in your kit.

Large Rectangular Brass Buckle

Everyone needs buckles.

Special 2-1/2 Inch Double D Brass Buckle

Everyone needs more buckles.

Fur Felt Hat Sale

The fur-felt hat sale has been tremendously popular! If you want to take advantage of some ridiculously great prices, you’ve got this week still to act. Sale ends this Friday!


October Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Pop Top Mittens  S-3013
Pop Top Mittens S-3013

Basswood Bottle Crate  BC-220
Basswood Bottle Crate BC-220

Ladies' Silk Fichu  SF-374
Ladies’ Silk Fichu SF-374

Men's Silk Cravat  SC-372
Men’s Silk Cravat SC-372


Fall Events!

Whew! Was that summer that just flew by? And now autumn is officially here—cool temperatures, warm colors…if only it could last just a little longer than it does, eh? Well, we hope you make the best of what’s given to us.For those of you headed to Mississinewa 1812 and Feast of the Hunter’s Moon, be sure to stop by and see us so we can get caught up.


Follow us on Facebook! You read it correctly. We bit the bullet. Look us up! And while you’re there, click the “Like” button to be among the first to receive news regarding new products, sales promotions, video releases, and other events. Feel free to post information on any upcoming events of your own on our discussions page. You can find us at the link below:

New Products

We’ve listed four new products on our website:

Men’s Silk Cravat

This Silk Cravat makes a handsome addition to any 17th, 18th, and 19th century gentleman’s wardrobe. Approximately 13” by 69”. Woven with 100% silk thread. Hand-rolled and hand-stitched hems. Offered in white only, but you can easily dye your scarf if you wish.

Ladies’ Silk Fichu

A fichu was a large square kerchief folded diagonally and tied, pinned, or tucked as a modesty piece across the shoulders and over the front of a woman’s bodice. A common accessory for the 18th century lady. Measuring approximately 42” square, our Fichus are made of pure silk. Hand-rolled and hand-stitched hems. Available in white only, but you can easily dye them to compliment your outfit.

Pop Top Mittens

Ok, Pop Top Mittens aren’t meant to be period correct. They were sent to us by our supplier by mistake. Rather than having someone pay shipping to return them, we decided to go ahead and sell them. They’re very versatile, easily converting from mittens to fingerless gloves. Made of wool blend, sure to keep your mitts toasty warm. While they last. One size fits most. You better hurry because the folks here seem to be taking a liking to them.

Basswood Bottle Crate

We’re also offering a new solid Basswood Bottle Crate, good for holding 12 bottles, up to 3” in diameter and 9-1/2” high. This box is elegant in its simplicity. Unfinished. Leather strap hinges. Jute rope handles. Comes with a removable hardwood divider to keep your bottles from breaking in transit. Bottles sold separately. Outside dimensions: 11” wide x 11” tall x 14-1/2” long.


New Bottle Line and Other News

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Beginner's Weaving Kit   SL-382
Beginner’s Weaving Kit SL-382

Hand Blown Long Neck Onion Bottle   GB-204
Hand Blown Long Neck Onion Bottle GB-204

Hand Blown Mallet Bottle   GB-208
Hand Blown Mallet Bottle GB-208

Printed Cotton Bed Cover  BS-76
Printed Cotton Bed Cover BS-76

Catalog #30
Catalog #30

Hand Blown Flask   GB-213
Hand Blown Flask GB-213

Note: You are receiving this email because you have created a profile on our web site and have indicated that you would like to subscribe to our newsletters. If you no longer wish to receive such emails simply log in to your account at https://www.jas-townsend.com/account_newsletters.php uncheck the box for General Newsletter and click Continue.

Catalog 30

Yes!, The new catalog has been printed and is now in the mail stream. You should see your catalog in the next week or so. I hope it is not too soggy.

New Products

I have a bit of a backlog of new products that I will be adding to the website. Keep watching the New Products Page.

Glass Bottles in the 18th Century and New Bottles at JTS

Glass bottles were used in British America from the earliest years of colonization. Because virtually nothing is known about the products of American bottlemaking prior to the Revolutionary War, it must be supposed that most bottles found on colonial archaeological sites are of English origin.

Onion bottles were developed by the British around 1650. They originally had long necks, similar to our GB-204 bottle, and were known as “shaft and globe” bottles. They were used for storing wine, as well as oil and vinegar. Our GB-204 long-neck bottles are about 8-3/4” high and hold about 40 oz. They best emulate examples manufactured between 1650 and 1680.

By the 1680’s, the long-neck onion bottle had given way to the squat onion bottle, similar to our GB-214 bottle. Our reproductions are very good for between 1680 and the 1720s. They have string rims set below the rim of the bottle to hold a packthread that secures the cork in place. These bottles have a shallow basal kick. Our GB-214 Onion Bottle is about 6” high, and holds about 32 oz.

The bell bottle was manufactured between 1730 and 1750. They were similar to shaft and globe bottles, but the sides were flatter and more vertical. They generally had a high basal kick.

By the mid-1750’s, the bell bottle had evolved into what is called the mallet bottle. This bottle had longer vertical sides and a tapered shoulder. It still exhibited the string rim, and a high basal kick similar to the bell bottle. These bottles were manufactured between the 1750’s and the 1780’s. Our GB-208 Mallet Bottle is about 10-1/2” high, and holds about 56 oz.

The case bottle was known to exist prior to the mid-17th century, and was used all the way through the 18th century. These bottles had flat bottoms and were blown into square molds, making them easy to pack in wooden cases called, “liquor chests.” Most liquor chests held a dozen bottles and were likely used for shipping. Examples of four-bottle liquor chests also exist, which were likely for personal use. Jas Townsend now offers a case bottle, GB-216, Our GB-216 bottles are about 8” high and hold about 24 oz. They best emulate case bottles manufactured between 1750 and 1800.

During the Revolutionary period, American glass makers began to move ahead in manufacturing processes. The shape of the bottle evolved over time from a mallet bottle to a cylindrical bottle. Jas Townsend now offers a very economical style of of cylindrical bottle, our s-3051 snap-top bottle. Now the snap top, or lightning stopper was not patented until 1875, but by removing the snap top stopper and replacing it with a cork, you have a decent very economical bottle that is closer to an 18th century cylindrical bottle than modern crown-top versions. It’s best to point out that these bottles are machine formed and made of clear glass. They do have seams and mold marks. The process used in the manufacturing of this bottle is similar to that which was developed in 1814 and patented in 1822. So while the general shape of this bottle is okay for a late-18th century and early 19th century bottle, its details would place it well into the 19th century. Our S-3051 Snap-Top bottle is approximately 8-1/2” high and holds 16 oz.

Corks were typically secured on onion, mallet, and cylindrical bottles for storage purposes with copper wire packthreads. Bottle samples have also been found with the corks dipped in wax and the neck of the bottle wrapped in wax-soaked cloth and tied under the string rim with a light cord or wire. Wire packthreads were common until the late 19th century when alternative closure methods were developed.

Jas. Townsend also offers the GB-213 Bottle Flask. Similar samples of this type of utility bottle have been found dating back to as early as the 1730’s up through the end of the 18th century. They were often covered in leather or wicker and used as a canteen or as a pocket flask. Our GB-213 Flask is approximately 6” high and holds about 12 oz.

New Instructional Weaving Video

A new instructional video is available on inkle weaving, you can see a shortened version of this video on the inkle loom page and an extended version is on our new Volume 2 DVD collection.

Printed Cotton Bedspreads Available Again

We have a stock of printed cotton bedcovers. Check out the cute video clip available on its product page.

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New Catalog 30 is almost Ready!

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Jon Townsend and Josh Discussing CatalogIf you are not on our regular mailing list and you are interested in getting a new catalog 30,  make sure to fill in and submit your name and address on our catalog request page.

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Spring Cleaning Sale Continues

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

SALE STEEL Hook & Eye #9 Narrow 100 PCS  S-3369
SALE STEEL Hook & Eye #9 Narrow 100 PCS S-3369

SALE STEEL Hook & Eye #7 Wide  100 PCS  S-3367
SALE STEEL Hook & Eye #7 Wide 100 PCS S-3367

SALE STEEL Hook & Eye #6 Wide  100 PCS  S-3366
SALE STEEL Hook & Eye #6 Wide 100 PCS S-3366

SALE STEEL Hook & Eye #4 Narrow  100 PCS  S-3364
SALE STEEL Hook & Eye #4 Narrow 100 PCS S-3364

SALE Steel Hook & Eye #11 Wide 10 Set of 10 S-3361
SALE Steel Hook & Eye #11 Wide 10 Set of 10 S-3361


Spring Cleaning Sale #3

Help me find a new home for some of these Hooks and Eyes! Five different sizes of hooks and eyes bundled up in large quantities at some amazing prices. I hope you can use some because I have A LOT and my building is only so big and the crust of the earth is threatening to buckle under the weight of all these hooks and eyes.These items are available on our Home Page or on our Web Special Page.

Watch for more sale items coming soon!


November Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

5 Gallon Oak Keg   OK-884
5 Gallon Oak Keg OK-884

18th Century Workshirt - Cotton   SH-124
18th Century Workshirt - Cotton SH-124

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK  H-2445
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK H-2445

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Low BLACK  H-2435
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Low BLACK H-2435

Pocket Spice Box   PSB-20
Pocket Spice Box PSB-20

Townsend's Traveling Physician - TP-275
Townsend’s Traveling Physician - TP-275


Just in time for the holidays!

Our 2009 Holiday Flier is hot off the press and making its way to your mail box. We’re highlighting a number of great items for men, women, and children. Need stocking stuffers? We’ve got them!

In fact, visit our web site and watch out for a growing list of gift ideas for under $30.00.

Black Civilian-Style Fur-Felt Tricorn Hat Sale

If you’ve been thinking about ordering your new tricorn hat, now may be the time to do it!

From now until January 18th, 2010, we’re offering selected models of our top-of-the-line Fur-Felt Tricorns for a remarkable $40.00 off regular price. That’s a savings of nearly 25%! Made of high-quality rabbit fur felt, these hats are stretched right here in our hat room and finished by our Townsend milliner. The sale price applies to our Civilian style hats (black only). Choose between high or low brim models, and between black or white worsted-wool trim. All tricorns come with an adjustable linen lining and rosette cockade with pewter button. A Hat Jack is also included with each hat to preserve the hat’s shape and size when not in use. Please specify trim color, and provide your exact head measurement when ordering. Measure across the brow and just above the ears where you wish the hat to sit (visit our web site for measuring advice). Maximum head size: 24-3/8”. If you plan to wear a wig with your hat, please let us know when ordering.

H-2435 Low-Brim Civilian Black Fur-Felt Tricorn………$125.00

H-2445 High-Brim Civilian Black Fur-Felt Tricorn……..$125.00

New Products

Pocket Spice Box PSB-20

Townsend’s Traveling Physician TP-275

New Videos Available

Ckeck out the new videos for:

Townsend’s Traveling Physician on our website or for HD viewing on Youtube.

Oak Kegs on our website or for HD viewing on Youtube.

Shirts at JTS on our website or for HD viewing on Youtube.

and Just for fun - 18th Century Shaving with Josh only on Youtube.

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October 1st JTS Newsletter

Posted in Links, JTS News at 11:38 am by jtsblog

Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Toy Infantry Soldiers   PS-61
Toy Infantry Soldiers PS-61

RedCoat Deluxe Toy Soldier  RC-66
RedCoat Deluxe Toy Soldier RC-66

BlueCoat Deluxe Toy Soldier        BC-66
BlueCoat Deluxe Toy Soldier BC-66

Video Collection DVD  DVD-01
Video Collection DVD DVD-01

Hand Blown Case Bottle  GB-216
Hand Blown Case Bottle GB-216

Pocket Spice Box   PSB-20
Pocket Spice Box PSB-20


Announcing New Products

Several new products have been added to our website:

Video Collection DVD

We have collected our first 27 videos and put them on DVD for the folks who don’t have a fast internet connection. The DVD includes instruction on starting a fire, setting up your wedge tent, relining a canteen and other great information as well as some of our funny videos.

Hand Blown Case Bottle

We have added a very nice case bottle to our website.

Pocket Spice Box

If you do cooking in camp but you like to pack light we are offering this great little pocket spice box, so you can put a little zing in your next meal.

New Videos

We have completed several new videos. They are available on our website or you can see them full size on youtube.
Hand Blown Glass Case Bottle Video on the product page or on youtube
Pewter Soldier Video on the product page or on youtube
Video Collection DVD on the product page or on youtube

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