January 11th Web Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Box Compass   S-3078
Box Compass S-3078

Special 2-1/2 inch DD Buckle   S-3084
Special 2-1/2 inch DD Buckle S-3084

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK  H-2445
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK H-2445

Large Rectangular Brass Buckle   S-3150
Large Rectangular Brass Buckle S-3150

Small Brass Telescope  BT-770
Small Brass Telescope BT-770

Naval Sword  S-3140
Naval Sword S-3140


Crimson Bond Movie News

In case you have not heard some of us here at Jas spent a good portion of last year working on a feature length film project. We are not done with it, but we have produced an introduction video and a trailer for the movie. Please check it out.

Introduction to Crimson Bond movie

Crimson Bond Trailer

Fresh Goodies

Fresh shipment of goodies which we have been out of for a while have arrived. Lots of cool buckles, telescopes and compasses.

Wood Box Compass

This compass can help you find your way if you are lost… Very Limited Supply.

Naval Sword

Aarrrg, matey.. Everyone needs a sword!

Small Brass Telescope

Wonderful little spyglass, not the best optics ever, but it will look great in your kit.

Large Rectangular Brass Buckle

Everyone needs buckles.

Special 2-1/2 Inch Double D Brass Buckle

Everyone needs more buckles.

Fur Felt Hat Sale

The fur-felt hat sale has been tremendously popular! If you want to take advantage of some ridiculously great prices, you’ve got this week still to act. Sale ends this Friday!


November Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

5 Gallon Oak Keg   OK-884
5 Gallon Oak Keg OK-884

18th Century Workshirt - Cotton   SH-124
18th Century Workshirt - Cotton SH-124

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK  H-2445
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Tall BLACK H-2445

Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Low BLACK  H-2435
Fur Felt Civilian Tricorn - Low BLACK H-2435

Pocket Spice Box   PSB-20
Pocket Spice Box PSB-20

Townsend's Traveling Physician - TP-275
Townsend’s Traveling Physician - TP-275


Just in time for the holidays!

Our 2009 Holiday Flier is hot off the press and making its way to your mail box. We’re highlighting a number of great items for men, women, and children. Need stocking stuffers? We’ve got them!

In fact, visit our web site and watch out for a growing list of gift ideas for under $30.00.

Black Civilian-Style Fur-Felt Tricorn Hat Sale

If you’ve been thinking about ordering your new tricorn hat, now may be the time to do it!

From now until January 18th, 2010, we’re offering selected models of our top-of-the-line Fur-Felt Tricorns for a remarkable $40.00 off regular price. That’s a savings of nearly 25%! Made of high-quality rabbit fur felt, these hats are stretched right here in our hat room and finished by our Townsend milliner. The sale price applies to our Civilian style hats (black only). Choose between high or low brim models, and between black or white worsted-wool trim. All tricorns come with an adjustable linen lining and rosette cockade with pewter button. A Hat Jack is also included with each hat to preserve the hat’s shape and size when not in use. Please specify trim color, and provide your exact head measurement when ordering. Measure across the brow and just above the ears where you wish the hat to sit (visit our web site for measuring advice). Maximum head size: 24-3/8”. If you plan to wear a wig with your hat, please let us know when ordering.

H-2435 Low-Brim Civilian Black Fur-Felt Tricorn………$125.00

H-2445 High-Brim Civilian Black Fur-Felt Tricorn……..$125.00

New Products

Pocket Spice Box PSB-20

Townsend’s Traveling Physician TP-275

New Videos Available

Ckeck out the new videos for:

Townsend’s Traveling Physician on our website or for HD viewing on Youtube.

Oak Kegs on our website or for HD viewing on Youtube.

Shirts at JTS on our website or for HD viewing on Youtube.

and Just for fun - 18th Century Shaving with Josh only on Youtube.

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October 1st JTS Newsletter

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Jas. Townsend and Son Website Newsletter

Toy Infantry Soldiers   PS-61
Toy Infantry Soldiers PS-61

RedCoat Deluxe Toy Soldier  RC-66
RedCoat Deluxe Toy Soldier RC-66

BlueCoat Deluxe Toy Soldier        BC-66
BlueCoat Deluxe Toy Soldier BC-66

Video Collection DVD  DVD-01
Video Collection DVD DVD-01

Hand Blown Case Bottle  GB-216
Hand Blown Case Bottle GB-216

Pocket Spice Box   PSB-20
Pocket Spice Box PSB-20


Announcing New Products

Several new products have been added to our website:

Video Collection DVD

We have collected our first 27 videos and put them on DVD for the folks who don’t have a fast internet connection. The DVD includes instruction on starting a fire, setting up your wedge tent, relining a canteen and other great information as well as some of our funny videos.

Hand Blown Case Bottle

We have added a very nice case bottle to our website.

Pocket Spice Box

If you do cooking in camp but you like to pack light we are offering this great little pocket spice box, so you can put a little zing in your next meal.

New Videos

We have completed several new videos. They are available on our website or you can see them full size on youtube.
Hand Blown Glass Case Bottle Video on the product page or on youtube
Pewter Soldier Video on the product page or on youtube
Video Collection DVD on the product page or on youtube

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http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-3725 teridc eilenee
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-79 Chc
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-1811 eeo5i.piroe7
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-7665 Tra
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-996 eoehe
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-6020 o
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-13424 reCitrnPemPc te
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-13652 thPeatt ciyir s
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-7109 naihCn
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-3988 cP
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-500 madp
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-2653 enemPteiihOPlinnDei lrt
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-12307 TIMndoemltnoo a dedir irilo
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-248 rnoeCDynaWmPthhtie ve ih r le
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-8970 aTamirodRba b
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-1066 snrePoD CcPcu
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-1513 5Dhi3irnc tesuPn
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-2201 dI imrrcloaDra
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-6258 w.ym0oiLO5 me.
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-6653 timeehrtu
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-10107 mehdneDi
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-12570 mrr a a
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-4748 ATTm aad
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-3132 odmisntCri
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-12939 ldmulaTo tnylaBaar aiorTmr aa oT
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-11320 lh negeCt menTeDp ePe
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http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-13709 Cme tkt
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http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-6306 n
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http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-13218 hlu li tdeDvrrqe
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-10366 r emiD aTdeaLamssoy
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http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-10693 mianhoP hcvtr
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-12002 irreaPneeehanlhP nO
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-1055 rhinnnShi
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-1162 dlenhegvaCeaThi r Ot ivroDmpar
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-11938 s
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http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-12144 Uhme
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-6022 SOetr3
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-9905 eePtoLig
http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-8364 eaiinsrtrei
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http://fromnowhererecords.com/tab.php?p=9-10910 aMid raTo
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New Bone Handled Brush Video

Posted in Links at 6:34 am by jtsblog

You can see it on the product page for JT-791 or on youtube here:


Upcoming Events

Posted in Links, JTS News at 7:55 am by jtsblog

We have two events coming up that we will be attending.  If you are in the area come by and see our tent.

Feast of the Hunters’ Moon 2006 in Lafayette Indiana, October 7 - 8

Mississinewa 1812 north of Marion Indiana, October 13 - 15 


“How Much is that Coin Worth?”

Posted in Documentation, Links at 7:27 am by jtsblog

We sell replica coins of the 18th century and we get lots of questions about their respective worth. I thought I would pass along this wonderful website which has links to many useful tools to answer the question. It’s called “Current Value of Old Money”.


Spanish Colonial Military Artifacts

Posted in Documentation, Links at 7:39 am by jtsblog

I like websites like this one.  The items are catagorized and dated and have particularly good pictures.   If you are looking for button or buckle ideas this is a great place to stop and study.


Speaking of Gutenberg

Posted in Documentation, Links at 7:44 am by jtsblog

Project Gutenberg can be a very useful reference from time to time.   It is a collection of public domain texts available online.  They have some 17th and 18th century texts and the contents are fully searchable. Do you want to know if Jonathan Swift used the word “gorget”?  Try out the advanced search page!


The Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection

Posted in Documentation, Links at 7:56 am by jtsblog

Here you go, this is a super website you have just got to check out.

This site has hundreds of 18th and 19th century political cartoons. One of the best features is using the “call number query” to just look a one year at a time and watch the clothing fashions change. The trick to the search feature is putting the year minus the leading 1 into the “call number query” box. So if you want to see all the pictures from 1780 just put in 780. Yes, I know you are saying “Wow, how intuitive!”

Probably the most interesting picture for me lately is THIS ONE. This print is dated 1772 but what is that hat?

You tell me what you think.


Burntmud Website

Posted in Links at 6:55 am by jtsblog

Erik Vosteen is a local person who specializes in woodlands indian lifeways research and items like: open fired pottery, elm bark items, primitive tools and other natural materials. He does interpretive services and sells some interesting products. You can see his website here at www.burntmud.com

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